Honoring the Sacred Worth of All Animals
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Every creature a Word of God

Honoring the Sacred Worth of All Animals


Welcome to Animal Blessings! Perhaps you, too, have an interest or even a passion for animals similar to mine. I am glad you found the site - and me.

Feel free to wander around the site to learn more about my offerings of life celebrations, grief support and advocacy, see pictures, and complete the contact section if you are interested in connecting with me and receiving information about upcoming offerings.




No matter where on life's path you find yourself with your companion animal, I invite you to join me. In celebration of your companion animal's life. In times of great sorrow near or following the death of your companion animal. In anticipation of a time at which you are no longer able to care for your companion animal. I am here.

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Blessings of the Animals in both sacred and secular places


Grief support groups, memorial services and one-on-one companioning


Estate planning to ensure continued care of your companion animal



I'm Ginny Mikita


For as long as I can remember my deepest passion has been animals. All animals. My memories as a small child are rife with examples. I regularly brought stray dogs home to wherever our family currently called home (my dad was a career United States Air Force fighter pilot, and we moved from one base housing unit to another every two years). And there weren’t just kittens.

I recall finding a bag of newborn kittens while walking to school. Upon arrival, I headed straight to the nurse’s office, assuming she would know just what to do. She did. She called my mom and asked her to be please come get them. My mom - a nurse and social worker by trade - picked them up and then taught me to bottle feed them until we could adopt each of them to good homes.

Whether they slither, purr, bark, neigh, or make no sound at all, Ginny’s embrace and love are evident in her voice and her whole demeanor.
— Carol A.