Honoring the Sacred Worth of All Animals



Throughout history, humans have marked the inherent worth of a life through ceremony -sprinkling the downy-soft head of a baby, blowing out candles on a birthday cake, and singing Amazing Grace at a funeral. Similarly, animal blessings and memorial services serve to honor the sacred worth of the animals with whom we share our lives.  


Life Celebrations and Memorial Services


Both individual and an annual communal candlelight service held in December offer an opportunity for those who have experienced the death (recent or long ago) of a companion animal to honor him or her through words, song, and prayer.

Blessing of the Animals

Blessings of the Animals offer an opportunity for participants - humans and their beloved companion animals - to publicly affirm the richness of their relationships and express gratitude for the gifts of grace and beauty their animals bring into their homes, lives, and our world. Ginny officiates blessings throughout the year in both sacred and secular environments including these annual events:

  • Saint Francis Sculpture Garden and Path Blessing (usually the first Sunday in October)

  • LaughFest’s People and Pets Event (usually in March)


Contact Ginny Mikita at Animal Blessings for more information about ceremonies.


Grief Support


People often feel isolated and misunderstood when coping with the death of a cherished companion animal. Recognizing the need to provide grief and mourning support on an immediate and ongoing basis, Animal Blessings offers a monthly, free-of-charge  Companion Animal Grief Support Group as well as both individual and group Memorial Services.


grief meeting.png

Animal Loss Support Group

The Companion Animal Loss Grief Support Group is a safe place where those bound by the experience of the impending loss or death (recent or long ago) of a companion animal can come together to share stories, receive validation of feelings and concerns, learn about grief and the mourning process, and reflect upon the meaning of it all.

Contact Ginny Mikita at Animal Blessings to explore grief support offerings.


Advocacy and legal services

Ginny has long been an advocate for those whose voices have been silenced - animals, neglected/abused/refugee children and incapacitated adults. Her decades-long advocacy efforts on behalf of the vulnerable - and, in particular, all animals - aim to influence decisions of individuals within social, legal and political systems and institutions.

Over the years, her advocacy efforts have included:

  • protesting fur, zoos/circuses, wrestling bears and other institutional cruelty

  • drafting legislation to allow the State to seek forfeiture of animals who are cruelty victims

  • testifying before federal and state agencies and legislatures (against gas euthanasia chambers at the county level and Naval bombing off the shore of California killing dolphins at the federal level)

  • lobbying the Michigan legislature (against mourning doves being added to the game species list and animal fighting and adding animals to those who can be protected by personal protection orders)

  • representation of companion animals in death penalty cases

  • drafting adoption contracts for animal protection organizations

  • seeking prosecution of animal cruelty cases in both individual and institutional settings

  • living a vegan and cruelty-free life-style

  • assisting families with estate planning to ensure continued care of companion animals in the event of disability or death


Contact Ginny Mikita at Animal Blessings to learn more about legal services and advocacy.