Advocacy and legal services

Ginny has long been an advocate for those whose voices have been silenced - animals, neglected/abused/refugee children and incapacitated adults. Her decades-long advocacy efforts on behalf of the vulnerable - and, in particular, all animals - aim to influence decisions of individuals within social, legal and political systems and institutions.

Over the years, her advocacy efforts have included:

  • protesting fur, zoos/circuses, wrestling bears and other institutional cruelty

  • drafting legislation to allow the State to seek forfeiture of animals who are cruelty victims

  • testifying before federal and state agencies and legislatures (against gas euthanasia chambers at the county level and Naval bombing off the shore of California killing dolphins at the federal level)

  • lobbying the Michigan legislature (against mourning doves being added to the game species list and animal fighting and adding animals to those who can be protected by personal protection orders)

  • representation of companion animals in death penalty cases

  • drafting adoption contracts for animal protection organizations

  • seeking prosecution of animal cruelty cases in both individual and institutional settings

  • living a vegan and cruelty-free life-style

  • assisting families with estate planning to ensure continued care of companion animals in the event of disability or death


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